ITIL(R) Intermediate & Expert Certification

ITIL(R) Intermediate & Expert Certification

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ITIL® Expert Certification

To achieve the ITIL® Expert qualification, you must have attained a total of 22 credit points through the ITIL qualification scheme. The points must have been gained through an acceptable combination of version 1, 2 and 3 qualifications which you can demonstrate you have passed.

Before applying for the ITIL Expert qualification, please visit the Official ITIL Website to check that your combination of examinations are eligible, as qualifications which are too similar between versions may not be allowed.

When you have achieved the minimum number of credits, we will issue you with an ITIL Expert certificate. If you sat your Managing Across the Lifecycle or Managers Bridge exam before September 2010 and have the required number of credits, you will not automatically be issued with the certificate. Please contact us if this is the case.

Please note that APMG-International can only award ITIL Expert Certificates to candidates who have sat the last qualifying credit exam with us, i.e. the Managers Bridge or Managing Across the Lifecycle. If you did not take these exams through us please contact your awarding Examination Institute.


Benefits for Individuals


·         Provide a practical framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business.

·         Increase business productivity, efficiency and effectiveness through more reliable IT services.

·         Define processes with clearly documented accountability for each activity to increase efficiency.

·         Enable a business to keep pace with change and drive business change to its advantage.

·         Help employees to focus on the needs of the customers and user experience rather than spending too much time on technological issues.


Benefits for Organizations


·         Align IT services with business priorities to achieve strategic objectives.

·         Increase value from the service portfolio while reducing costs and risk.

·         Enable successful business transformation and growth with an increased competitive advantage by defining and managing the customer and service portfolio.

·         Increase competence, capability and productivity of IT staff and better utilize the skills and experience of staff.

·         Improve user and customer satisfaction with IT as well as the end-user perception and brand image.


Candidates please read the following carefully before proceeding: 


The exam format is as follows:

·         Multiple choice

·         40 questions per paper with 1 mark available per question

·         26 marks required to pass - 65%

·         1 hour duration

·         Closed book.

Please note that this exam is only available to clients of an Accredited Training Organization.

To sit the exam, you will need login details to register, which will be provided to you by your Accredited Training Organization


Intermediate Level


ITIL Intermediate level has a modular structure with each module holding a different focus. You can take as few or as many Intermediate certificates as you require, to suit your needs. The Intermediate modules go into more detail than the Foundation level, and is an industry-recognized certification.

All higher level ITIL examinations require a candidate to complete mandatory accredited training before being able to take the examination.

There are two streams in the Intermediate level, the Service Lifecycle Stream and the Service Capability Stream, download the pdfs below for further information:


Service Lifecycle Stream

Service Capability Stream

Service Strategy (SS) - 26K

Operational Support and Analysis (OS&A) - 28K

Service Design (SD) - 26K

Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) - 28K

Service Transition (ST) -26K

Release, Control and Validation (RC&V) - 28K

Service Operation (SO) - 26K

Planning, Protection and Optimization (PP&O) - 28K

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) - 28K



The Service Lifecycle Stream includes 5 individual certificates built around the five core OGC (now Cabinet Office) titles. The Service Intermediate Capability Stream includes 4 individual certificates focussing on detailed process implementation and management within cluster groupings.


Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) - 30K

In order to achieve ITIL Expert certification, you must successfully complete the Managing Across the Lifecycle capstone course, and have accumulated sufficient credits across a balanced selection of ITIL subject areas.

Exam Format

MALC 2011

·         Multiple choice

·         10 questions per paper

·         35 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) - 70%

·         120 minutes duration

·         Closed book.

MALC 2007

·         Multiple choice

·         8 questions per paper

·         28 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) - 70%

·         90 minutes duration

·         Closed book.


ITIL Expert

To achieve the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management, you must successfully complete, in addition to the Foundation Level, a number of intermediate units and the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) capstone course. This course brings together the full essence of a Lifecycle approach to service management, and consolidates the knowledge gained across the certification scheme.



Kindly let me know which track you want to begin with.

You can pay one by one as per the module you select. We will give you 100% passing guarantee with all programs. 


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