About Us

Search for global training & certification, corporate events, workshop, seminar, Conferences & many more for your career & life’s development.

"Money is the power but knowledge is the Super Power"

What we do

We need one WoW moments to change our life!

Exclusive online platform for professional & personal growth through various Global & international Training & Certification, workshop, conferences, summits, events etc for professionals & Students.

Corporate, institutes, communities, NPO, NGO, Governments etc can create their upcoming workshop, events, trainings, conferences etc. and we will manage, promote end to end.


TAYS Global vision is to add positive knowledge or values in 5000 professionals, students or individuals in 2016 Jan from Jan till Dec globally.


TAYS mission is to bring positive change globally by brining various trainings, workshops, seminar, conference, e-learning, webinar, events and many more life’s changing events!


  • Innovation, technology & service quality would be our core objective of this platform.
  • We are passionate & determined to make the positive change in the life’s of individuals through training & certification, events, seminar, workshop, conferences, summit & awards!
  • Working with corporates, governments, institutes, communities, individuals & social world responsibility.
  • Request you to provide us genuine feedback for the continuous improvement & serving our clients more better way.